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Milwaukee Brewers Audio Producer Sends us Playlist

April 27, 2004 at 10:35 pm by weetanya  - 


I saw a report at about Miller Park, the stadium that is home to baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers playing music from FOTR.

I wanted to go ahead and clarify the accuracy of the report for you…

My name is Colin Deval, I am the Audio Producer for the Milwaukee Brewers. The music we play is actually a 9:45 mix from multiple selections in the three LOTR scores by Howard Shore. I’ve put pieces of the following selections into a seemless mix:

Foundations of Stone (Two Towers)
Minas Tirith (Return…”beacons of Gondor” scene)
Bridge of Khazad-dum (Fellowship)
The Uruk-hai (Two Towers)
Treason of Isengard (Fellowship)
Amon Hen (Fellowship)

It was nice to see that report on your site!!

Posted in Old Special Reports on April 27, 2004 by
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