Before Sun and Moon two trees gave light to the Blessed Realm, but in a supreme act of evil the diabolus Morgoth destroys the trees and leaves the world in darkness. The symbolism could hardly be stronger. The devastation of Tolkiens childhood countryside haunts this tale and all his works of fiction.

Compare the Green havens of Lorien, the Shire and Doriath with the desolation of Anfauglith and Mordor. Nature is much more then just background or scenery in the tales of J.R.R. Tolkien. Not only do the trees have shepherds and entire woods go to war, Tolkien even embodies what he felt was the true spirit of natural science in Tom Bombadil.

What symbolic position do trees have in the numenorean and elvish cultures? What happens to nature in places like Morgul Vale and Isengard that fall under the dominion of the dark lords? How do the numenoreans perception of the value of nature shift as the shadow falls on Numenor? How does evil target nature and how does nature fight back in Middle Earth?

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