April 19, 2004, LOS ANGELES, CA: Horror/fantasy scribe and filmmaker Clive Barker claims the title of ‘Ringer’ by discussing his appreciation for J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece “The Lord of the Rings” in the upcoming documentary feature, Ringers: Lord of the Fans. Mr. Barker granted an interview to Ringers. Mr. Barker speaks of the power and affirmations found within Tolkien’s mythological epic that encouraged him to create fantasy worlds of his own.

Clive Barker is the creator of the Hellraiser series and a string of best-selling books including “Weaveworld,” “Imajica,” and most recently the fantasy series for young adult readers, “Abarat.” Mr. Barker’s production company Seraphim Films has a deal with Walt Disney Pictures for a quartet of “Abarat” books to be produced as a film franchise. “Abarat” and it’s sequel, “Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War” (with a October 2004 release), center on a teenaged girl from rural Minnesota who is swept into another world of adventure and magic. The “Abarat” quartet is illustrated with Mr. Barker’s lush paintings. His play History of the Devil will be made into a mini-series for the Sci-Fi Channel, while his new drama titled The Demonologist has been picked up by NBC.

Ringers documentary filmmakers have secured interviews with several of the world’s foremost fantasy authors, including Terry Pratchett (the “Discworld” series), Peter S. Beagle (“The Last Unicorn”), and Terry Brooks (the “Sword of Shannara” series), in their efforts to document the remarkable influence of “The Lord of the Rings” across the landscape of popular culture over the past five decades. After 16 months of location shooting on three continents, and speaking with dozens of actors, filmmakers, rock musicians, authors, and academics, Ringers stands as the most comprehensive film document of the ongoing Tolkien phenomenon.

About the documentary:

Produced in association with TheOneRing.net; Ringers: Lord of the Fans is a feature-length documentary that reveals the ongoing phenomenon created by The Lord of the Rings. Very funny and often moving, Ringers shows the hidden power behind J.R.R. Tolkien’s books — and how after 50 years a single literary work continues to spark the minds and hearts of millions, across cultures and across time. Shot with groundbreaking new digital technology in 24P, Ringers includes interviews with fans, legendary rock musicians, professors, actors, authors, filmmakers, and even Klingons — with reverent irreverence, the film investigates Tolkien’s influence on Western popular culture. From the 60’s hippie movement to the Internet age; from the Rankin & Bass cartoons to Peter Jackson’s epic film trilogy; this documentary brings together extensive footage from across the globe. With units in Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, Oxford England, Bonn Germany, and Wellington New Zealand, Ringers reveals how the private amusement of a tweedy Oxford professor became a new mythology for the 21st Century.

Current Ringers Interviewees include:

Author/Filmmaker – Clive Barker, Writer/Director/Producer – Cameron Crowe, Actor – David Carradine, Comics Illustrator – Colleen Doran, Author – Terry Pratchett, Author – Peter S. Beagle, Author – Terry Brooks, Tolkien Scholar – Dr. Jane Chance, Chairperson of the Tolkien Society – Christine Crawshaw, Author – Colin Duriez, Filmmaker/Critic – Chris Gore, Screenwriter/Publisher – Forrest J. Ackerman, Actor – Daniel Logan, Actor – Bill Mumy, Author/Tolkien Scholar – Dr. Tom Shippey, Author/Broadcaster – Brian Sibley, Great-Grandson – Royd Tolkien, and hundreds of Tolkien fans!

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