Laura writes: Earlier tonight in Australia, the Logie Awards were presented. They are the awards for Australian television, with both public and industry voted awards.

David Wenham was nominated in the Most Outstanding Actor category, a industry/peer voted award for his performance in the mini-series After The Deluge. Fellow nominees included Ray Barrett (After The Deluge), Tim Draxl (The Shark Net), William McInnes (The Shark Net).
Unfortunately David Wenham lost, with the award going to his co-star Ray Barrett.

After The Deluge was an outstanding mini-series. It tells the story of an old man (Ray Barrett) who is suffering the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. He is living in both the present but with delusions and visions of the WWII. His 3 sons are dealing with their father’s illness as well as their own personal troubles. The oldest, played by Hugo Weaving, is a musical has-been who now produces music, but running off the rails. David Wenham is dealing with the breakdown of his marriage, which he doesn’t want to happen, as well as raising his 2 kids. Samuel Johnson and his wife have been trying for children without success, and their relationship is on the brink of collapse.

That’s just a basic wrap-up of the beginning, as the story unfolds, it all these events begin to tangle together, bringing the sons back together with their father.

I also saw the first ad for the Orlando Bloom movie Troy during an ad break in the broadcast. It opens in Australia on May 13th.