Press Release: Jasmine Watson & David Salo to Attend TolCon. Northwest Convention Celebrates Tolkien & Fans.

The Northwest Tolkien Society is proud to present the first annual Tolkien Convention (May 14-16, 2004). TolCon, as it has been christened, is a three-day celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien, his writing and the fandom that has sprung up from the amazing worlds he created. The Northwest Tolkien Society’s aim is to focus on more than the just the recent movies and to explore as many aspects of Tolkien’s life and writings as we can fit in one weekend. We enjoy all aspects of Tolkien fandom-whether you think Peter Jackson created a masterpiece, Ralph Bakshi did, or there will never be a movie good enough to be worthy of Tolkien’s name, you will find other fans and panels ready to agree with you.

TolCon will have several programming tracks to examine the varied aspects of Tolkien’s life and writings. Linguistics panels will include lessons in Khudzul, Quenya and Sindarin and workshops lead by Lord of the Ring’s Elvish translator, David Salo. Dancing panels will include Elvish line dancing (yes, you read that right). A Day in the Life of a Hobbit track will include “Who Drank My Half-Pint?” Microbrew tasting (for those 21 and over) from the finest Northwest breweries and costuming panels such as “How To Be a Hobbit, Or Just Look Like One”. We’ve also added a gardening track with workshops such as “Enchanted Gardens: Lothlorian in Your Own Backyard” and “A Tisket-a-Tasket, Middle-Earth in a Basket: Middle Earth Inspired Container Gardens”.The TolFilm Fanfilm Exhibition will showcase films of all types made by talented fans: music videos, parodies, documentaries, and other re-tellings of Tolkien’s tales. Activities geared towards Hobbitlings will be available throughout the weekend. A silent auction benefiting People for Puget Sound will run all weekend and you can bid on items donated from our local businesses as well as signed items donated by some of the cast and crew of Lord of the Rings.

TolCon will also celebrate art inspired by Tolkien through the art show, costume ball, and several guests of honor. We will have the jewelry designer from Lord of the Rings, Jasmine Watson, grace us with her presence, and her jewelry will be on display in our Art Show. We’ll be covering Tolkien “writing” from everything from the Lost Tales to current parodies written by two of our Writer Guests; Molly Winter and Jaida Jones. Our music guests will include Luke Ski, of “Stealing Like a Hobbit” fame, as well as the Forgotten Celts and Dorian Mirth to give the illusion of actually being in Middle Earth.
Tolcon will be held at the Sea-Tac Marriott, so if you reserve a room you will be able to enjoy all of the panels and fun as late as you like before stumbling back to your room, exhausted (Or you may rest in between panels to keep yourself bright-eyed and fuzzy-footed). In the wee hours of the morning, you can use the complementary DSL connection to let everybody who can’t join in the fun know just what they’re missing.

Please join us in a weekend of fun, festivities, and immersion in all things Tolkien.

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