From the London Spy column of the Daily Telegraph

It’s all go for fans of West Ham United. Last weekend they rioted during a derby match at Millwall; this Saturday, they will entertain none other than Elijah Wood.

The Lord of the Rings star has arranged to attend the Hammers’ crunch match against Gillingham, to research his next film role.

Makers of the film – working title: The Yank – will also be there to video crowd scenes for their project.

“The producers are hoping Elijah doesn’t get noticed, so they can just get on with shooting,” says a source close to the club. “They want to get it as realistic as possible, with real fans and the real atmosphere. That’s why the visit has been kept a closely guarded secret.”

Details of The Yank have yet to be announced, but Spy understands that Wood plays a Harvard drop-out who gets caught up in English football hooliganism.

“It’s a far cry from The Lord of the Rings, though the battle scenes
might be pretty similar,” says one wag.