Ringer Spy Utkarsh sends in word about a blasphemy, a cinematic disaster in Chennai, India.

I was just wondering, do people know that ROTK was cut short by (at least) 15 minutes in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)?

Remember the scene when the Hobbits are returning home and there is a voice-over saying something along the lines of “A year after Gandalf set us on our journey, we found ourselves back home…” right after that, almost before the sentence is completed, the scene is cut and the next thing they show is THE END. The entire farewell sequence is cut off.

A friend just told me that a lot of distributors in India do this and sometimes get away with it because people don’t usually notice. I wonder if it’s the same throughout the country or just in Chennai. I dont think New Line would have released it like that because it is very primitively cut; the music just suddenly stops and then changes, it’s just too obvious…

Shame on you Indian distributor!