Farmer Barley Jones writes:

Here are some Lord of the Rings related programs on tv in the UK this week:

2DTV (Animation) Starting: 01:00 on Saturday 27th March on ITV1: Topical animated comedy show. Featuring a look at the secrets of the Victorian Sex and the City, a look at a royal corgi funeral, a magical battle between Lord of the Rings magician Saruman and David Blaine, and what has happened to the Friends now the final series has ended.

DVD Clinic (Entertainment) Starting: 23:30 on Friday 26th March. Duration: 30 minutes: Showing on ITV1 London.

Neil McLachlan presents a round-up of the week’s DVD releases including the Oscar-winning animation from Miyazaki Hayao, Spirited Away; Lucy Liu in the sci-fi thriller Cypher; the US documentary about kids hoping to win a spelling contest in Spellbound; and an interview with Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd.