Craig Parker – Haldir will be making a personal appearance at the Basildon Scifi – Movie & Collectors show on Sunday 28th March 04, in the UK. More information can be found by going to

London Expo, London’s 2 day Scifi – Movie & Multimedia show will be Lord Of The Rings crazy over the weekend of the 15th & 16th of May 04 in London UK with:

Jed Brophy – SHARKU, SNAGA

Already attending and more guests to be announced shortly joining the top guest list already gathered, more info can be found at

Craig Parker – Haldir will be attending the an event called ‘Dinner With The Stars’ on the 29th May 04 in London UK, tickets are limited to only 50, your chance to go to dinner with Craig, question and answer session, autographs and themed photographs, more info at

Master Of The Rings, a Lord Of The Rings convention will be held at the Jarvis Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester UK over the weekend of the 22nd – 24th October 04, guests already announced with loads more to come, Craig Parker and Mark Ferguson, a great hotel experience, with talks, parties, competitions and a whole load more! More info at