Linuxelf writes: The time of Armageddon is upon is again!; this time there are three LOTR guests; John Rhys-Davies; Lawrence Makoare; John Noble.

John Rhys Davies is set to be there for all three days; with Lawrenece Makoare appearing on Sunday 18th only, and John Noble Saturday 17th only.

Here is more info, from the website I complied together, go to the links above for the latest news and confirmations that the guests will be there.

Middle of the April School Holidays

Aotea Centre and Town Hall Auckland

Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo
April 16-18th

Lord Of the Rings – John Rhys Davies
Witch King himself & Lurtz – Laurence Makoare (Appearing Sunday 18th April only)
The Steward of Gondor Himself, John Noble (Appearing Saturday 17th April only)

Opening Times / Days:
Friday 16th 9am-6pm,
Saturday 17th 9am-6pm
Sunday 18th 9am-5pm April 2004

Entry Prices:
Entry cost – Adult one day $14
Child (12 and Under) – one day pass $10
Family pass (2 Adults & 2 Children) – one day only $40
Three Day Pass – $40

There will be two enterances to the expo, with twice as many tils operating to keep ques short. I would also recommend bringing abit of money because the guests hopefully will be signing autographs, from previous experience you need to buy the photos to be signed on the Day. This helps paying the airfare & costs back to the guests. If anyone can confirm this.

This show moves to Wellington September 25-26th; keep checking site for updates as to who the guests will be etc.