Jennie writes:

Patty Duke was on a D.C. radio station about 9:30 Eastern today (Mix 107.3 fm) and first was asked about her upcoming films, but then about Sean and his career. She said how wonderful it was that he was in these films, and told him that she’d also phoned him up and told him that she’d just seen 50 First Dates. He said, “You went out to the movies? Do I have to be in a movie for you to actually go out to the movies?” and she said, “Well, if I want to see a good one . . .” lol

Someone suggested that she must have had lots of advice for him over the years, and she said, “I’ve given Sean some really bad advice.” She said he phoned her up at one point and asked if she wanted to invest in a short film he was making about a cop in the projects that is put on a mock trial in a laundry room in the Projects. She said, “Sean! You were brought up in (fill in name of upscale wherever it was here). What do you know about the Projects? What do you know about cops? What do you know about laundry rooms!?” But a year later, here was Kangaroo Court being nominated for an Oscar.

She also said that when he was young she used to put a lot of pressure on him as a child actor, so he was given some sort of agent or minder or other (I can’t remember the name.) with whom he’s still close. She also noted that Mackenzie is currently going through “those acting trials”, which presumably means he’s looking for good roles. She went on to note that John Astin was currently a professor here at John’s Hopkins University in Baltimore (about an hour from Washington, D.C.), and said lots of great things about him. Always nice to hear ex-es having good relationships.

In any event, she sounded fully recovered from her accident a while back with the horse, and was cheerful and perky sounding. She’s a Mother Superior in The Christine Bennett Mystery which is in Post-production, and she’s going to be on ABC in a couple of days on something else.