Steve writes: It’s the Boca Raton line party here again with another report on an event we attended. This time we went to MegaCon 2004 to see Grima Wormtounge!

Dourif at Megacon 2004

The Boca Line party here again to report on another event we attended this past week. Our group headed north, then into the west to attend Megacon 2004 in Orlando. None other than Grima Wormtounge himself was in attendence!

We once again suited up in our costumes and even found some other great LOTR characters at the convention. The Frodo in our group seemed to be followed by the amazing Gollum walking around. (and by walking around, we mean on all fours…during the entire convention!) The Aragron we saw was incredible as well. Great detail on that costume, right down to the ring and sword! There were so many wonderful and creative costumes walking the isles. We’ve included pics of some of our favorites that we saw.

However, our business was with Isengard so we headed over to the Brad Dourif line. Upon seeing our entourage, Grima looked at Eowyn and uttered, “I know you.” Later he exclamed in full Grima voice, “But you are alone!” to her, which made for a great moment. We also learned something about the EE of ROTK from Brad. SPOILERS AHEAD!

He mentioned to us that Legolas shoots his character with, “arrows to the heart.” So there you go. Multiple arrows from the elf, that’s how he bites it.

From the convention we headed to our hotel room which we were pleased to find out was LOTR themed! First off, when we entered the lobby, we noticed Enya playing over the hotel’s speaker system. Then there were the barrels. Yes, barrels. Everywhere you looked there were barrels. It was very Hobbiton/Green Dragon-ish. Finally, when we were assigned our rooms the lady behind the counter said, “Your rooms are located in the second tower.” to which our Pippin asked, “Your hotel has two towers?” Our group laughed. The lady behind the counter looked bewildered as she stated, “Yes, two.”

After retouching up our costumes in the rooms, we headed out for feasting and fighting at…MEDIEVAL TIMES! (cue the horns)

If you’re a LOTR fan and can make it to a Medieval Times location, do so. It’s worth it. The fighting is spectacular and the atmosphere is so much fun. Our group cheered and jeered throughout the evening and had a great time.

On the way back to the hotel we passed a “Seven Dwarf rd.” Yeah, it’s Disney, but we thought of those who used to dwell in Moria. Also, we passed a store that had a certain LOTR feel to it. Take a look at our pics. Behold, it’s Gandalf the Purple! LOL