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Ringer Spy Steve writes: Hello fellow Ringers! Thought you all might be interested in hearing about the wonderful Oscar party the Boca Raton, FL Trilogy Tuesday line group threw last past Sunday. Sure, Peter Jackson and the gang didn’t show up, but if you weren’t in L.A, this was the party to be at! And yes, it was a long expected one.

The front of the house where the party took place was transformed into a hobbit hole, complete with sod on the roof! As “Concerning Hobbits” played in the air outside, guests crouched through the front door to attend. (Watch your head Gandalf!)

Drinks were found outside at the Green Dragon. Barrels, mugs, ale and an eager to drink Frodo were all there.

Inside, the line party recreated the setting of Lothlorien for our Academy Awards viewing area. There was a fountain (complete with silver pitcher) candles, a blue hue set by special lightbulbs and many, many leaves…on the floor and on the walls. If anybody got hungry, the homemade lembas bread was found in this room as well. But that wasn’t the only food we ate!

We had everything from roast chicken, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and nice crispy bacon. For dessert there was an eye of Sauron cheesecake and Gandalf staffs. (chocolate dipped pretzels)All of the food sat on a table that was covered by a homemade tablecloth that featured a map of Middle earth. And just about every race from Middle Earth showed up.

Yes, costumes were worn. In fact, they were required! Hobbits, elves, humans and wizards were all in attendence.
“So all you did was watch the Oscars, right?” Uh-uh, this was an ALL DAY CELEBRATION of Lord of the Rings. We watched both EE dvds, played a little trivia, sword battled, talked LOTR, etc.

“So after all of this, you just watched the Academy Awards, right?” Nope! 🙂 During the commercials we had our own…(wait for it)…Academy A-wargs ceremony! Winners in categories such as “Which LOTR character do you have a crush on”, “Favorite scene in ROTK” and “Best Weapon” were voted on and announced. Instead of the Oscars, we called them Orcs, Bombadils and Ostohers (the 7th King of Gondor!)

So, finally we watched the big show, and what a great night it turned out to be for us LOTR fans. A clean sweep with 11 wins!
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