The organizers of ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Convention to be held in Canberra, Australia next weekend regret to announce that Dominic Monaghan will NOT appear as scheduled, due to the filming schedule for Dominic’s newly landed television pilot.

* * *

This is the latest re the Disney pilot titled “LOST”:

The pilot is now scheduled to begin in Los Angeles as of March 11, 2004 for 2 weeks and then Honolulu.
All convention contracts must include the “commitments pending” clause, and as a result Dominic will not be joining us at BOBW 21 – LOTR.

The convention will, naturally, proceed with a couple of changes:

1) As the difference between a “Gold” place and a “Basic” place = $65.00 which represents the guarantee of an autograph place with Dominic, we will refund this difference.

2) We have secured 2 more guests to join us: Joel Tobeck (Orc Lieutenant) & Mark Ferguson (Gil-Galad).

3) To quote one of our guests: “Bad news about Dom. But I’m sure the rest of us will make sure all the guests have a great time”

3) Exclusive to Greater Union, Civic – ” One Weekend to rule them all March 12-15″

At the suggestion of one lady who is attending BOBW 21 – LOTR, we approached the management of the theater and asked if the trilogy could also be shown on Monday so our attendees could also have a chance to attend.

As a result, Greater Union in Canberra have “extended” the screening of the trilogy to Monday March 15th.

Thank you for your patience, and the numerous messages of support,

See you on the week-end,

Adele & Brian Carr