First, thank you to all the fans for your support and interest in our tshirts. We never guessed how popular they would be and sold out ALL of our on-hand stock the very first day they were available.

We counted orders and requested more from the printer and they arrived the day most of the staff was leaving for the One Party. As a result we are way behind in our shipping but we are working like mad to catch up. If you ordered a shirt it will ship as soon as humanly possible. If anybody can’t wait and needs a refund, we can arrange for that anytime.

We have the “Don’t make me get my ring” shirts in stock but we don’t want to sell them until we catch up with our other orders, so hang on just a little longer and they will be available.

We are considering doing a pre-order for shirts sized 3x-6X so email us at and let us know if you would definitely buy one.

Other styles will become available as demand warrents it, possibly including shirts from “The Return of the One Party.”