From A doll’s only as good as the voice behind it. Well, that’s at least the case for the Child’s Play series who has found genre vet Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly lending vocals to Chucky and Tiffany, respectively. And as we all know, Chuck and his bride (however dysfunctional their relationship may be) have a new addition to the family, one we’ll be seeing much of in the upcoming Seed of Chucky.

The film rolls in Romania this year with Don Mancini pulling writing and directing duties. But who’s lending the voice to Chuck’s “child” (note: we didn’t say son)? No sense in mystery, the picture on the right gives the answer away.

That’s Billy Boyd of Lord of the Rings fame. Through our own personal contacts with the Mancini camp, and Billy’s official site, we can confirm that this is legit. The Scottish actor will be joining Brad and Jennifer, who’re reprising their roles, as well as John Waters who’ll have a small turn in the flick.