Howard Shore in Montreal Images

Zaakistan the Fan writes:

Gotta say that I check TORN daily and I appreciate all the work that goes into keeping the site updated. I’m in Montreal and I have the feeling that this is where TORN is based… I’ve only been on the site since September looking for ROTK spoilers. Anyway, great job and great site.

I was at the Howard Shore LOTR Symphony last night and after a rotten day at work, I was transported to emotional bliss. What a trip. I managed to snap a few NON FLASH pictures from my corner on the Mezzanine. I was not disappointed one bit. The music was so beautiful and moving and well performed that I just sat in my seat hunched forward eating up every bit of it. The choice of which themes to play were very well done I thought. As I perused my program before the concert I was disappointed to see that so much had been cut out of the 2nd and 3rd films’ music. But as the concert progressed I understood that many of the themes in the more recent movies would have been repeats of some of the ones in the older ones. The highlights for me were the Treebeard, Bridge of Khazad-dûm, The End of All Things, and The Steward of Gondor. I was very impressed with the choral singers and Jeremy Boucher, the boy soprano. Of course no one can match Annie Lennox, so I wasn’t that impressed with the singer they chose for the vocals on Gollum’s Song and Into the West.

Here is a Program Schedule as I haven’t seen it on the site yet:

The Fellowship of the Ring

Movement One:

The prophecy – Concerning Hobbits – The Shadow of the Past – A Short Cut to Mushrooms – The Old Forest – A Knife in the Dark

Movement Two:

Many Meetings – The Ring Goes South – A Journey in the Dark – The Bridge of Khazad-Dûm – Lothlórien – Gandalf’s Lament – Farewell to Lórien – The Great River – The Breaking of the Fellowship


The Two Towers

Movement Three:

Foundations of Stone – The Taming of Smeagol – The Riders of Rohan – The Black Gate is Closed – Evenstar – The White Rider – Treebeard – The Forbidden Pool

Movement Four:

The Hornburg – Forth Eorlingas – Isengard Unleashed – Gollum’s Song

The Return of the King

Movement Five:

Hope and Memory – The White Tree – The Steward of Gondor – Cirith Ungol – Anduril

Movement Six:

The End of All Things – The Return of the King – The Grey Havens – Into the West