Daniel “Frodo” writes:

Yesterday’s concert of Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings Symphony was a resounding success and M. Shore was greeted with much applause prior to the performance. Despite a weak rendition of Gollum’s Song and Into the West the concert was a wonderful experience of a lifetime. Of particular note was the Bridge of Khazad-dum, The Breaking of the Fellowship, The White Tree, and The End of All Things. The 200 musicians and chorists performance was exceptional. Also heart wrenching was the performance by Soprano Ying Huang. The crowd showed its appreciation with a standing ovation and 3 curtain calls and Howard Shore was presented with flowers.

The concert was recorded for later broadcast on the Canadian cable networks Bravo! and ARTV by Montreal director Pierre Siguin, without question one of the best in Canada. Rumours are that this recording will end up in the DVD boxed set of the trilogy to be released in 2005.