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Ringer Spy Craig Writes:

I see that you’ve posted the info about Elijah and Dominic riding in two of the Mardi Gras parades, so I wanted to send you the sketch of the “Hobbits of The Shire” float and a photo of how the actual float turned out.

The sketch is from the Bacchus website, and the float photos were taken by me yesterday.

Elijah will throwing red doubloons (coins) with his likeness on them and very special Bacchus “One” rings. For more info on them and about the hand signed lithographs, go here. And each float in the parade throws a medallion bead that represents that particular floats title. The “Hobbits of the Shire” float will be throwing a beautiful ceramic likeness of Gandalf smoking his pipe. I’ll try to get a photo of that to you later.

Also, Elijah informed the krewe yesterday that he will be bringing a few “special friends” with him to ride in the parade. : )


Ringer Spies Dragongrrl and Taro told us about one of Elijah’s “special friends”! SPOILER, mouse-over to view!

We spoke to a Security Guard and he told us Sean Astin was here and slated to be a surprise rider in the Bacchus parade.