jasmine writes: The total sales of the ROTK pre-order tickets was 16,272, it has broken the record of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in Japan.

Feb 7th the premirer screening day had 260,000 people were going to the theatre. Fuji TV announced an audience rating of the FOTR on TV(Feb 7th) was 21.3%(kanto area).

Sat Feb 14th ROTK was released on 736 screens in Japan. Only this day 510,000 people had together to see ROTK. It is very strong, high pace, over TTT(150%) and FOTR(220%).

For example Tokyo Marunouchi Piccadilly theatre has lots of fans’s long line in the night before, and the 1st screening on 7:30am over 200 people had not seats, they had to see ‘standing’.

Nippon Herald expect of the box office over 150 or 220 million.