Sheltercats writes: “Will & Grace” was on tonight, instead of Thursday, and there was a funny bit involving ROTK. Will had a new client (the very funny Dave Foley from ‘Newsradio’ and ‘The Kids in the Hall’), and one of the first things he asked Will was whether or not he had watched LOTR. The client said he couldn’t work with a lawyer who hadn’t seen all 3 films; he didn’t want anyone who had “come in at the end.”

Will said of course he had seen them, what’s not to like about a movie with boys named Merry and Pippin searching for a piece of jewelry?

Then the client said something else about the film, and Will said something like, “When Theoden’s daughter Eowyn stabbed the Witch-King, I screamed like an Uruk-hai.”

Then the client said, “Hey, I liked the movies, but I’m not one of those freaks.”