Reported by Ringer Spy J.W.

If you’re interested, here’s a report of Annie Lennox on The Tonight Show
With Jay Leno, which aired Friday night.

Jay showed an ROTK CD with Viggo on the cover and introduced “Oscar
Nominated” Annie Lennox. A live string section along with an accoustic
guitarist performed with her. (The first violinist was so prominent he was
more or less doing a duet with her, very beautiful.)

Annie was dressed in lowcut white shirt paired with black slacks. She didn’t
give her best performance of the song, being slightly out of tune once or
twice… but Annie’s always been better tracked than in person. Overall,
though, the performance was good – especially from the string section.

Annie got a big ovation, and Jay said, “That was lovely!” and that closed
out the show.