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This issue has three sections containing newly published writings by J. R. R. Tolkien:”Early Qenya Fragments”, edited by Patrick Wynne and Christopher Gilson; the “Early Qenya Grammar”, edited by Carl F. Hostetter and Bill Welden; and “The Valmaric Script”, edited by Arden R. Smith.Each of these has been prepared with the guidance of Christopher Tolkien and with the permission of the Tolkien Estate.

Of particular interest to scholars of the Ancient Tongue will be the “Early Qenya Grammar”, Tolkien’s first complete description of the inflexions and syntax of the Articles, Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Numbers, Pronouns, and Verbs of that language.The essence of High-elven is already present here in familiar patterns ranging from the formation of the genitive, locative and ablative cases, to that of the future and past tense verb stems; while the diversity of Tolkien’s great linguistic imagination is evident in many unexpected and indeed remarkable features in this lucid grammatical description of Qenya from the 1920s.

“Early Qenya Fragments” is a collection of Tolkien’s tables and name-lists associated with _The Book of Lost Tales_, including early names of the Days of the Elvish Week and the Valinorian Fortnight, and names of the Valar and various Creatures of the Earth, as Tolkien conceived of them in his earliest mythology.Also included are paradigms of the Regular Qenya Verb conjugation associated with the _Qenya Lexicon_.Annotations and commentary are provided for all of the Early Qenya texts, detailing their interconnections and the evolution of the linguistic conceptions contained within them.

“The Valmaric Script” is an edition of various documents relating to an Elvish writing system devised by Tolkien in the 1920s.One example of this very elegant script has been published already in a drawing for the story _Roverandom_.This edition incudes various charts of the sounds represented by the letters, tracing Tolkien’s experimentation with their forms and applications. There are also examples of the Valmaric script used for writing both Qenya and English, including an excerpt from the Old English poem _Beowulf_. Transcriptions of these texts and commentary on the chronology of the documents and their conceptual evolution are included in this edition.

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