John Howe Exhibit in Paris
John Howe in Paris

Thanks to Shinji & Kylia for these reports and pics!

Hi there !

I attended the signing session with John Howe in Paris about two weeks ago so here are some pictures and a little review of it, that u can use for the website if you want to!

On the 17th of January I and a few mates attended a signing session with John Howe at la Fnac des Halles in Paris. It was planned to begin at 3.30pm so we got there at noon assuming there wouldn’t be lots of people there already. We were proved wrong since there must have been about 100 hundreds people lining up… apparently some people turn up as early as 10am! Anyway, the session was a major success and the staff were quite overwhelmed.. John arrived at 3.15pm and started signing at 3.30: talk about punctuality! Our patience was rewarded by a signature and nice quick chat (there were 7 of us so we could sort of hang around….much to the dismay of the store staff!

And well.. i also made some leeeeembas bread so it did help… Dunno if John ate it but he looked pleased by my gesture (he probably though I really was a LOTR geek!), he said something like that “Ah lembas bread for my next journey to Mordor!”, what a comic eh! Anyway… although it went terrifibly well for us lot, we were slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a little drawing. So much for waiting 5 hours… but well next time we know we have to camp over the night if we want one! 😉

Also, I’ve joined some pictures from the exhibition that’s running till Feb 15th at the BNF. They arent many of them cos we aint allowed to take any pictures so i’ve sort of “steal” them! The picture of the books “Bilbo the hobbit” is from there as well, they are exhibiting some early editions of Tolkien books.

Oh and another piece of information about John Howe (I swear I aint managing his fanclub!):

An exhibition of John Howe paintings and drawings of Middle Earth and Tolkien’s books will be running from the 7th of February in Chalons-en-Champagne (51). It’s at the Bibliothèque Pompidou. There will be a private viewing on the 7th at 6pm, and John will be present.

45 copies of poster of the exhibition will be available for all to buy for the price of 43euros. For that price, it must be nice!

Anyway, I will be going to that viewing next Saturday and I got the authorisation to take pictures and even film the event so I will send you all that in the following week..