Sam and son, Little Frodo write:

My son and I would like to share our experience to the Dallas Musuem of Art’s special presentation reading of Tolkien’s classic- The Hobbit. Let me start by saying that my son and I were the ONLY ones who were there from beginning to end! I guess you could say we were the only ones that had our own “going there and back again” adventure.


My son and I began our adventure by first leaving my beloved daughter, who is very much a Took at heart, with our favorite childcare provider Arwen. They and my most dearest friend Frodo bid us a fond farewell and safe journey.

Dressed as Frodo and Elf, my son and I boarded the DART (train) to Downtown Dallas. We arrived at the train depot at around 3:30 and proudly walked 3 blocks in our tolkien attire to the Dallas Museum of Art. Being that we arrived early, we stopped to watch an ice sculpture working wonders with a large block of ice outside the main entrance of the museum for a while. We then proceeded to look for the auditorium were the Tolkien events would take place. Once found, my son and I looked at some of the museum pieces. Frodo told me that is was supper time so we located a restraunt and ate. We listened to a band while we ate.

After supper, we purchased several candy bars (they didn’t have Lembas bread) to munch on during the long journey that was ahead of us.

We got to the auditorium early to ensure that we got a good seat. Sadly and suprisenly, we did not need to worry about that because not too many showed up. I thought for sure since this was mentioned in the news section of TORN, we were in for a crowed. But alas, it was not so. 🙁

But this did not dampen our spirits! We sat in the first row, center of the screen which had the map of Middle Earth (3rd age) projected on to it. During the breaks, the original cover of The Hobbit was projected on to the screen. Off to the left of us, was the podium where the readers would stand. All together there were 13 readers for the first day and 16 for the second day. Each reader had 20 minutes of reading to do. This was a good thing since some were not so good at dramatic reading. Others were excellent and caused the small audience to roar with laughter!

At the end of every hour, we were given a break with trivia questions and prize giveaways presented by our Master of Ceremonies, the very British – Eden Davidson who was a close look-alike of Viggo Mortisson and who had a gorgeous, deep barritone voice. He was also the first reader.

The prizes were DVDs, LOTR games and other things. Surprisenly, there was an impromtu costume contest. Mr. Davidson called those of us who were in costume to come to the stage for an audience vote. There were several hobbits and an elf. I won. Actually, I think it was my story that won me the prize. You see, I am a mere 5 foot 1 and 3/4 inch tall. So although I may be dressed and look Elven, I am actually half Hobbit whos parents separated while I was still very young. My father went back to Hobbiton and my mother stayed in Rivendale with me. Being half Hobbit would explain my defiency in height and the not so thin waist that I possess. The audeince applauded and laughed at my explanation and I won!

The readings went on until 12 midnight. There was a 15 minute break before the movies began. Time for our first Hobbit snack.

Well that is all for now. I will be letting you know about the happenings of DAY 2 on Monday or Tuesday. I will have pictures as well.

Here was the schedule for this 24+ hour adventure.

DAY 1: 5PM to 12 midnight: Live Reading of The Hobbit (first half of the book) by various local celeberties (none of whom anyone outside of dallas would know- he-he-he)

DAY 2: 12 midnight: Screening of LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring
3:15 a.m.: Screening of LOTR: The Two Towers
6:30 a.m.: Screening of the animated movie The Hobbit
9:00 a.m.: Screening of Tolkien Remembered
9 – 10 a.m.: A Merry Gathering for a Hobbit Breakfast in Costumes
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Live Reading of the last half of The Hobbit