A BIG thank you to Kelinmiriel for getting this down for us!

Orlando Bloom was on “Real Access: Hot 24 in 2004” (same channel). He was #12 of their “young stars to watch in the upcoming year”. I doubt many of your readers saw this one, so here is a transcript. Orlando was sitting by himself for some of the clips; others were from public appearances doing photos and autographs for a lot of screaming fans with a reporter following who asked him occasional questions. The hostess of Real Access was providing a voice over talking to the TV audience, not to Orlando.

RA: Some of you think he’s the hottest elf around. Some of you think he’s the hottest pirate around. And Kate Bosworth, his reported girlfriend, probably thinks he’s both. At Number Twelve, it’s Orlando Bloom.

Orlando (alone): I don’t know, I just think — I can’t put myself there, it’s a bit of a dream, do you know what I mean?

RA (voice over): Don’t worry, Orlando, we understand. Making it all the way to Number Twelve on our Hot List, is quite an honor. But, you had to have known you’d be here. After all, your fans are REALLY dedicated!

Orlando (to reporter, on the red carpet): I get all these crazy fan mails from girls who are just like, pouring their hearts out, and I’m-

RA: Did we say dedicated? We meant LOUD! [as he hugs a fan across the rope, and they all scream]

Orlando (to reporter): Does anyone know how to deal with this stuff?
Because I’d love to speak to him!

RA: Oh — And here’s a hint: If you dig the accent, and want an autograph from this handsome British lad, [brief clip of him making a face] you don’t have to yell. Just bring along your little sister.

Orlando (on the red carpet, being pulled away from fans by the reporter, turns around and goes back to sign an autograph for a girl of about six, on someone’s shoulders): Oh, look at that little girl! How can you–?

RA: With the overnight success of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and everyone drooling over the last chapter of The Lord of the Rings, Orlando has suddenly become one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. [shots of him with Liv Tyler, hugging her and kissing her on the cheek] The weird thing is though, the more well-known he becomes, the less he wants to talk about his private life.

Orlando (alone): It’s hard enough as it is, dealing with the new
overwhelming aspect of becoming somebody who’s really in the public eye, and I figure, if I keep certain elements of my life, you know, my family, my friends, and my relationships separate, then hopefully it won’t draw too much attention to it.

RA: And Orlando says, that’s the way he manages to stay sane while girls like this are going crazy. It’s all part of the Bloom Philosophy. [more pictures of him with Liv]

Orlando (red carpet): Stay true to yourself. You know why you got into the business. You know, you love the work, you love the acting side of it, and don’t get distracted by the rest of the stuff that comes along with it.

PS: Orlando Bloom is scheduled to be on “Real Access” (episode title: “Foreign Invasion”), the weekend of Friday, January 23, through Sunday, January 25. Check cable/satellite listings for “the-n” or “Noggin” for station. [More]