sean astin Attends ROTK Screening with 'K-Mozart'
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HobbitMerry writes:

On Monday night, January 5th, 2004– a radio station in the L.A/Orange County area called K-Mozart (and I believe they are on 105.1) held a special free screening of Return of the King with Sean Astin as a guest for Q&A afterwards. I am guessing they gave away passes, but I acquired mine through a friend who couldn’t attend the event herself (thanks again, Ariavaswen!).

Mr. Astin graciously answered questions from all kinds of fans, including an adorable little nine-years old girl from the audience who asked him which of the LOTR movie was his favorite.

Sean comments, amused, “And I love how you’re up on a Monday night…”

He assures questioning Tolkien fans about their “issues” with ROTK, that they may be even more satisfied with the movie once the extended DVD comes out. He says that all of the actors has battled for scenes that were cut out in the final, theatrical release– but they also hope that all those scenes will be put back in the DVD. He also mentions that the extended DVD will be coming out in July.

He talks about how Dominic Monaghan wants to plan an annual reunion with all the cast members so they could all keep intouch.

Sean also says that it was unbelievable how many opportunities LOTR has opened up for him as an actor and as a director. He half-jokingly mentions that for the past two weeks, he’s gotten more calls from his agents than before since he is now “on the top of their list.”

When he talked of the lenght of the movie, he mentions that many people have told him that the movie was “too long.” Two girls (dressed as Frodo and an elf) on the front row (where I was also seated at, of course!) let out shocked gasped in response– much to Sean’s amusement, and he teases them saying, “They’re not wearing cloaks, okay?”

Anyways, here are a couple of the pictures among the many I took that night. Afterwards, I exchanged a few words with Sean and received a generous, long, warm hug from him– which I had to end because my guest, Ami, and I desperately needed to go to the bathroom. Haha– when will I learn to NOT drink large sodas during a LOTR movie?