British Ringers should keep their eyes open for something new in the stands, as Ringer Spy Irascian pointed out:

“Lord of the Rings Collectors Models”, a new fortnightly magazine, has launched in the UK this week and the first issue has a special launch price of £2.99 (normal price £5.99).

Each issue of the magazine features a 1/29th scale model of a character featured in New Line’s movie, and is cast in lead. Each figure comes with an accompanying 12-page guide. The first issue features Gandalf the White and the guide includes notes from Weta’s Richard Taylor on the creation of Glamdring.

The first issue not only retails for a special low price but also includes an extra guide giving an overview of the series and a map of Middle-Earth – at £2.99 it’s a steal.

The magazine is available in most good British newsagents or can be subscribed to online at