Neiman Marcus Display Photos
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Serinde writes: My partner took these digital photos of the Neiman Marcus display windows, and we tweaked and cleaned them up a bit.

We were really hampered by reflections of office towers and passing traffic on the windows, which made wide shots almost impossible. For reference, the displays are lit with both colored spots and flourescents, and most of these shots also have fill illumination from daylight bouncing off the glass-walled buildings across the street.

We particularly set out to capture fabrics, metalwork, and embroidery details. Some notes for costume geeks that aren’t obvious in the photos: Arwen’s mourning dress is deep midnight blue, though it photographs as black. Eowyn’s brown bodice is embossed (or possibly quilted?) in a diamond pattern on the lower part and a spiral pattern on the top; the fabric for the cream (silk?) underdress is alternating bands of crinkly pleated texture and a scrolling floral jacquard with scattered paisleys. (I can’t determine whether the crinkled bands are the same jacquard pattern). Pippin’s shirt is almost certainly linen, and the buttons appear to be covered in linen as well. White Tree motifs pop up everywhere on the Gondorian clothes – see the clasps on Boromir’s surcoat, and Denethor’s tiny shirt buttons.