Note: this article may contain a spoiler so beware!

Hello. I’m a Japanese LotR fan. At first, I’m sorry for my poor English.

Now, many Japanese fans are angry because of Japan original RotK trailer which was released yesterday…

To my surprised, this trailer has the scene that Frodo collapse one ring finally. I nearly died when I saw the scene. It [is a] very serious spoiler, [isn’t] it? I don’t know why they let us see such [an] important [spoiler] of climax scenes?

This trailer is going to be screened until February when RotK will be released in Japan. Perhaps a lot of people who don’t know original story will see this trailer at theater. I think this trailer robs such people of thrill. Of course spoiler warning is not showed at theater!

Japan Herald that bought dramatic rights in Japan always let [makes?] Japanese fans be angry.

* Bad caption!! (Fans protest were introduced into PJ)
* Irrelevant advertisement.(FotR promo word was “search the one ring!”)
* TTT and RotK release are delayed.

They must hate LotR.

Thank you for reading.