DISCLAIMER I can’t speak for the credibility of this story or what is going on with this situation… but here is the word on the wire:

I have it on good authority that UGC have received an email from Entertainment, the distribution company for Return Of The King. It is to inform that the sound problems that many have experienced on their viewing of the film.

An underwater musical experience is how I would describe it. It is apparently a problem with the master copy for the UK, but there is no mention that there are any attempts being made to rectify the issue.

Personally, I think this is disgaceful for such a big release to be suffering these problems and think it should be investigated.

Call me Frankie From Empire Online.

Update: I live in the UK, and although I saw it at an Odeon cinema, and also at a Showcase cinema, the sound was more than satisfactory– Ringer NR