You thought we were done on Trilogy Tuesday reports? There’s still more, and here’s some from Canada and Hawaii. These ones contain some spoilers – so beware!

Ringer Entwife Wandlimb, Sacramento

Hi! I got home this morning after 2 a.m. from Tuesday Trilogy in Sacramento, California. My husband and a friend got there at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday to wait in line for good seats for the 1:00 show. There were over 90 people in line ahead of them, and that soon mushroomed as their friends and family arrived and joined them. The Century Theater began seating around 10 a.m. and my husband and friend got good seats. I called on the cell phone when I got there at about noon and my husband came to meet me. There was still a very long line of people waiting to get in to be seated. When I got there, I was able to sit down right after I got the hot dog, popcorn and drink included in my “orc feast.” (It also included pizza and M&Ms, but I was really craving produce — maybe from all the apples and carrots in the films). I did not go in costume and neither did most people, but there was an very good Sauruman, a family in costume including some decent elves and hobbits, and several people in what looked like Renaissance costumes. Arriving too late for good seats were a pair of women who made an excellent Sam and Frodo, including a large pack with pans and hairy feet. They looked appropriately weary (from waiting in line) and rather lost and discouraged (from looking for seats).

Some people had been sitting in the theater for over 3 hours when The Fellowship of the Ring started with a hearty cheer at the sight of the new line logo. The cheering and applause showered all three movies at appropriate parts and was lots of fun. The only problem was when the applause drowned out some dialog. The audience also enthusiastically hissed Grima Wormtongue, and laughed in all the right places (plus a few surprising ones). One thing I was dreading was a running commentary from the audience. This thankfully did not happen. I think the only time I really heard much muttering is when Elrond says to Frodo “Welcome to Rivendell…” dozens of people must have said “Mr. Anderson.” The other time was for Peter Jackson’s cameo in Fellowship when there were a few shouts of “Pete!” On the whole, watching these movies with fans was a real joy.

Trilogy Tuesday Souvenir Film Frame

At the break between 1 and 2, an employee with a good set of lungs announced that she had received an email from New Line and that a New Line rep. would be here to give out frames after the Return of the King at 1 a.m. As people relayed this info. around the theater to their companions, I heard them say “picture frames.” In fact, they were frames of film. Each of us got a souvenir with a frame from each movie. I scanned in the box so you can get the idea. My frame had one of Frodo, one of Sam and one Aragorn and Theoden. My husband’s had one of Sauron, one of Arwen and a shot of what looks like Gondor but is hard to tell. Really, really cool!

At about 9:15, there was a LONG break between TT and RotK — over 45 minutes. This was a good chance for me to stretch my aching legs but really torture since I was dying to see the conclusion! Wandering around the lobby, there was a local news crew filming people in costume. There were quite a few folks in costume since people were there early to see the midnight showings of Return of the King.

When they FINALLY started the projector at 10 p.m., they started with previews, which received boos. People did cheer the Spiderman 2 preview, but everyone was really just wanting to see RotK (by the way, we saw about 4 previews, none of which were for Harry Potter). Finally, RotK started to much applause. Unlike the others, though, the cheering stopped at the Lord of the Rings title and the Return of the King title was met with an expectant hush.

Well, I will conclude this painfully detailed report to say that we saw the movie we all had been waiting for, filed out at 1:30 a.m., got our souvenir frames and were tempted to sneak into one of the midnight showings to see it again.

Ringer Hugh, Vancouver, BC

My experience with Trilogy Tuesday was identical to that already stayed here. I got to wait in the cold with 200 plus other people for 3 hours, then another 2 in the theatre. It was was fun though. Despite it being rainy, windy, and cold, everyone was in high spirits.

Trilogy Tuesday Filmclip Giftbox

The most memorable piece from the night was the audience. They were really into everything, clapping and cheering during eery “heroic” momment. Many involving Sam. The other stand out of the night (for me) would have to be the Sideshow Weta collectible film frame sets they handed out to everyone with a ticket.

I read another readers submission and I would like to say I’d much rather have an actual piece from each movie opposed to a t-shirt. I can buy one of those. This (unless you go ebay) you can’t. The framed film negatives are one of kind, meaning each set is different.

Trilogy Tuesday Filmclip Giftbox

Ringer Lobelia Took, Coquitlam, BC Canada

As far as the three films were concerned – what can one say?! They were incredible! I’ve seen FOTR EE countless times, but it was a wonderful experience on the big screen. While I’ve only seen TTT EE a half a dozen times or so, seeing with such an appreciative crowd really improved the experience. Some scenes were really enhanced in the theatre setting.

Ringers At Trilogy Tuesday

But what an experience ROTK was!!!! For the first part I laughed at the humour, during the middle I was gripping my armrest with tension or adrenaline rushes from all the excitement, and for the last part, I cried, then I get myself together only to cry again. I think I cried for 50 minutes straight – sad, happy, tragic, happy, sad – whatever!

But the best part was seeing it with 449 other true fans. They cheered at the great moments in a way no other group I’ve ever scene a movie with ever has. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you New Line.

Ringer Dana, Fresno

Just wanted to report what a super outstanding job Chelsea did as our TORN line leader. We had the 6th largest line party sign up and Chelsea made sure we all had a great time. I got there with my family at 8:00 a.m. Several of us made Lembas and handed out to folks (wrapped in green napkins of course!) as they were standing in line. Chelsea arrived and immediately showed off her well made and very handsome mini-banners (see photos) with the appropriate Middle Earth insignia! The Rohan one was the coolest! I ended up with the Gondor flag.

New Line had sent a bunch of stuff to give out at the line part including Sideshow-Weta busts, medallions, etc. Chelsea as always had a ton of activites and got people involved in order for folks to have a chance at winning. The mood was festive, there was a lot for folks to do and by the time we entered the theatre we were having fun.

The only dark note, and TORN should take note of this, is the way both Chelsea and the fans were treated by the Regal Edwards theatre. I was appalled at their attitude and, frankly, rude treatment of everyone. This theatre was completely unprepared for the event. Not only did they not have adequate concessions (and the only thing to eat basically besides sweets and popcorn was nachos and hot dogs?) but there were long concession lines and clearly understaffed. Furthermore, the refused to let Chelsea originally do any of her fun activities in the theatre itself, telling her because a local radio station was giving away posters etc. she would not be allowed to do so.

A small selection of images sent in from Fresno

She was taken in and “grilled” by the theatre managment about her intentions, and apparently Regal Entertainment backed their theatre’s decision. Chelsea was finally able to do a very small amount of stuff only after the audience was forced to sit through a 5th grade level trivia contest put on by a local radio station, whose announcers had to ask how to pronounce Legolas’ name. In addition some of the folks had their flags confiscated and held and I was told to leave and take my camera to the car as I was taking pictures of one of the skits (there was an hour until the movie started for pete’s sake!).

They told me “I could not have my camera in there at all – no exceptions. I promised them I would take it to the car when we were finished with the activities. No dice. They escorted me to the door. Most of us felt like we were being barely tolerated by the theatre management…

Bottom line is, Regal is getting an email from me and other people in my line party. Chelsea was the epitome of an excellent host and took everything in stride, although she too was completely appalled at their behavior. I just don’t think customers should tolerate that kind of treatment when they are paying $35 a ticket to an event.

Overall outstanding and New Line is to be commended! Enjoyed the event thoroughly in spite if the theatre!

Ringer Diane, Bakersfield, CA

It’s amazing that we even got a trilogy showing here. There were two other theaters in Southern California! I was actually the second person to buy tickets because they didn’t sell online and the phone line didn’t work so you had to go to the box office. For me that is an hour away. I bought four tickets on the day, and then yesterday in line a woman gave me a ticket(!) because her companion had come down with the flu. So my husband was able to come from work, 2 hours away, and join our boys and me. It will go down as one of the most special family days ever!

The Pacific Theater handled it all so brilliantly! They allowed us in at 8:00 am to reserve seats so we didn’t have to wait around the theater all day. They also let us reserve with the tickets, so the boys didn’t have to get up at 6:00, drive down and wait in line with me. I didn’t expect much of a line. In Bakersfield people generally don’t line up.

Until TTT I hadn’t waited in a movie line in Bakersfield since Star Wars in 1977! But people actually started lining up at 3:00 am! And it was darn cold for us thin skinned Californians! I needed to get 5 seats together and there were 200 people in line ahead of me, but we actually got really great seats on each side of the aisle second row. They gave us beautiful lanyard badges with seat numbers and we were free until 1:30.

During the day they had one door open just for trilogy people so we could go in and out with ease, which was really helpful because we had less than 30 minutes between shows. The theater they chose to use had restrooms right across the hall and the snack bar just to the left. Extremely convenient. They gave free refills on popcorn and soda all day long. Our line party leader had arranged fantastic giveaways between shows which is always fun. A lot of people dressed up. The local news showed up and interviewed people. The crowd was so much fun, cheering and clapping through each movie. The excitement was so high by the time ROTK started they were cheering the Feature Presention screen!

They started it at 10:00, which was really great because many people had long drives home, and it took quite awhile to hand out the frames, which was such a great surprise! Snaps to Newline for that! It was so wonderful to see the EE’s on the big screen. Seeing them all together, and without previews or ads, made ROTK so much more intense and enjoyable! I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to experience Trilogy Tuesday!

Ringer Asphodel the PR Hobbit, Columbus, Ohio

I volunteered to do PR for the Columbus, Ohio Trilogy Tuesday line party, so I sent out a news release last week. We were very lucky to get a photographer from the Associated Press to cover the event. (He was amazed at what he saw.) For the record, Scott Davis, pictured in the photo, won the costume contest. And he stayed in character the whole time…12+ hours. He even had a beanbag fish toy that he bashed onto the floor as he sang Gollum’s Fish Song from TTT.

Trilogy Tuesday was a fabulous experience thanks to our Line Party co-leaders Sidhe and Sidley and the many other volunteers involved. By the time I got to AMC Lennox Town Center 24 at 10:00 a.m., there were already about 125 in line ahead of me. It was cold, windy and raining on and off, but line party volunteers were handing out brochures from the newly-formed Ohio Ring Council (“ORC”), each with a sample Decipher card, and hot chocolate. The people behind me in line were very friendly and the time passed quickly as we talked about the movies (they hadn’t read the books yet.) At about 11:15 Bob, the manager, came out and announced how the logistics would work: each of us would get a hand stamp and an incredibly cool “Trilogy Tuesday All Day Pass” on a lanyard. This would get us into the auditorium, as well as get us discounts on food all day. The doors opened about 11:30 and we all made our way into the deserted theatre, feeling very smug and fortunate! I got three unbelievably great seats in the center of the fifth row. My two friends would come later; they were resting at the hotel. (They both have physical problems and we really didn’t know if they’d be able to hold up through the whole marathon.) All of us costume geeks w andered around admiring each other–all in all, about 35 people came in costumes they’d made themselves. We filled up several Toys for Tots collection boxes that the line party had stationed in the lobby. There were also many freebies at ORC’s table. ORC/line party volunteers ran a trivia contest (I won a starter deck of Decipher cards and three booster packs!) while we waited for Fellowship to start.

The atmosphere was electric! As it got closer to 1:00 p.m., people were showing up to see other films. I think they really enjoyed standing in the concession lines with characters from Lord of the Rings!

In the few minutes before Fellowship started, the crowd was bursting with excitement and the talk got louder and louder. Then, the theatre went dark and we all cheered! Mercifully, AMC skipped everything (no trailers, no “visit the concession stand,” no ads) and went straight to the New Line logo. There was another roar from the crowd and then total silence as the film started.

Excitement and tension built throughout the day as the time just flew by. The crowd was like some kind of multi-celled organism–we laughed and cried together all day long. Everyone–and I mean everyone–was kind, enthusiastic, generous, thoughtful, grateful and so happy to be taking part in such a meaningful experience. The theatre management was tremendously supportive (Thanks AMC, thanks Bob the Manager!!)

It seemed like everyone was back in their seats waaay early for ROTK. The line party leaders started playing LOTR trivia again, just to kill time. My friends had brought a package of Keebler elf-shaped cookies, and they gave them to the line party folks to reward correct answers. Leftover cookies were then tossed into the crowd like apples for Pippin.

By the time Return of the King was ready to start, we had whipped ourselves into a frenzy! And we were not disappointed. We cheered each character as they each had their “hero moments.” The loudest was for Eowyn–people involuntarily leapt out of their seats when her time came. We cheered Gandalf and Sam and Aragorn and Pippin and Gwaihir…and we all cried like babies during so much of the film (men and women alike). But it was okay, because we were all in it together.

It’s an experience I will never, ever forget…and I want to thank Tolkien for writing my favorite books ever; Peter Jackson and the best cast and crew ever; all of you at TORN, the best “fan-moot” ever; Maegwen from TORN, and her work on the Ticket Exchange that made my Trilogy Tuesday experience possible; thanks so much to AMC and Bob; the line party volunteers; New Line, the businesses that donated line party prizes, my fellow audience members, and the friends who came with me. Despite their problems with chronic pain, my friends made it through the day thanks to the best pain meds around: escapism courtesty of Tolkien and Jackson et al.

Ringer Almarek, Birmingham, Alabama

This past Tuesday, at only two movie screens per state, New Line Cinema gave an early gift to movie aficionados – an eleven-hour marathon showing of the extended versions of the first two Lord of the Rings movies, followed by the premiere of the final installment, Return of the King. We arrived at 11:30 for the 2:15 showing; we stumbled out of the theater about 2:30 am, tired but thrilled.

An event just for geeks? Perhaps, although the audience ranged from teenage to 50s, only a handful wore costumes, and this was the most polite, savvy audience I’ve ever been in a movie with. Not a single cell phone went off during all three movies. At the dramatic death of Boromir in the first film, not a sound was made by the audience during the sequence – not a cough, whisper, or rustle of popcorn bag or drink. How nice! How rare! At appropriate places during the second and third movies, there was cheering and clapping for our heroes.

The Carmike Summit (Birmingham, Alabama) management and staff deserve great praise. From letting us into the theater early to providing us with (excellent!) food during the breaks to running a brief costume contest, they bent over backwards to make this a special day for us – we appreciate it! As a souvenir, each trilogy “survivor” was given a film cel from each of the three movies – truly cool!

Return of the King has been glowingly reviewed elsewhere, and I concur – the third Ring is golden.

Ringer Pam, Short Pump

I had missed getting tickets originally for it for my husband and me and still offered to help the Line Party at Short Pump with anything, even though I wouldn’t see the films (I already was also Line Leader for Commonwealth 20, so knew would see ROTK on 17th (which did, with family)). Anyway, I dresed up in my costume, my husband fixed my pointed ear tips to my ears and I got my stuff and went to the theater, getting there at about 8:30PM. There was a line already, but I was not that far back in my spot. Met up with the neat people of Short Pump’s Line Party, including Karyn who made our lovely name tags in Tengwar. thank you, Karyn again! I wore mine the next day at Commonwealth 20, with pride!

Those with tickets were let in around 11AM, I think, and I stood by the theater door, waiting for someone who had e-maield me had a ticket I could buy at face value, but wouldn’t be there till about Noon. At maybe around 11:30AM a lady approached me and said that I looked like a real fan of the films and asked if I like to buy two tickets. Well, my husband wasn’t there as since never got the tickets originally he was working and I replied I only needed one ticket.

After a bit she sold the one ticket to me and I went into join the others, who had save me a seat with my pillow (thanks guys again!). Thanks again to that unknown woman (never got her name) for my ticket.

We had a costume contest (which I was the judge, along with another, Bill) and had some neat costumes that won (planned on five, which I had certificates made up and another member of Line got bookmarks to give with the certs), a trivia contest (one for movies, other for the books) and our second breakfast, which people donated breakfast non-perishable items (which it went real well) and got to put in their names for drawing of a basket of LOTR items.

Our Line’s resident hobbit, Karyn (who looked like Frodo it was uncanny and was only one at theater and won costume contest of most hobbit-like) won the drawing. So between that, and being allowed to get up and leave the theater (long as we kept our ticket stubs and our hands stamped with red stamp), which at one point before the movie another member and I went over to Barnes and Noble Bookstore, the time passed well.

Then the movies started and the time passed greatly for us all, esp. when at 10PM ROTK came on. Before knew it 2AM was there and we had to leave, picking up our New Line/Weta collectibles and go home.

All in all, it was a day and night well spent!

Ringer Scott, Hawaii

Our day was just amazing. As all things Hawaiian, the whole experience was filled with Aloha and good-will towards all Tolkien lovers who d come to participate. The event was 99% sold out and by day s end, the entire theatre was packed. The promoter of our event, Pono Shims, started back in early October to make sure that things turned out perfectly for all who participated by sending out an email telling us what to expect on the big day.

I started by waking up at around 6 AM. As I was getting ready, I was thinking to myself, This will be one of the greatest adventures of my life! I excitedly put on my comfiest clothes and prepared a backpack of books, and put a few tid bits to eat in a cooler for my car.

The email told us to show up at the theatre by 8 AM, though I came at 7 to make sure I got a good parking place! I knew super early arrival wouldn t matter since we all knew that the seating priority would be by (first) the day you bought your ticket and (second) next the time you showed up PAST 8 AM. Then your seat would be assigned to you and a lanyard with that seat number issued and would be yours for the entire day. BEST OF ALL, each person had to either show up personally or send a proxy to take their place. NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO RESERVE SEATS for others by putting a sweater (or the like) on a seat. All was VERY clear, orderly, and most of all FAIR!

At 8 AM, we were lined up according to the day we purchased our ticket, which took about 20 minutes. Then we were filed into the building, our tickets torn and then escorted to a holding auditorium, where we sat and chatted with the people around us. Once we were all inside, we were taken by groups of 20 into the auditorium where we d be watching the films and each person in a group of 20 was allowed to pick their individual seat. I was about ½ way in the line outside and I STILL got a GREAT seat just off to the center of middle section. Only the really late-dated ticket holders had to sit down front (or if the ones who came too late because they didn t read their email close enough to make sure they got there by 8 AM).

After all the seats were chosen, assigned, and lanyards secured, only about 2 hours had passed. Then we were dismissed for the remainer of the morning with instructions to return by 1 1:15 PM (12:00 if you wanted to go to the special LOTR Gift Shop they d set up).

I hung out in the mall until 12, bought some Rings goodies (Trilogy folks got an additional 25% off too). Then around 1, everyone was showing back up in full gear! There were Hobbits, Elves, Wizards, etc, EVERYWHERE! I had only worn my One Ring T Shirt&I felt very underdressed! At 1:15 I took my seat next to my Tolkien family and for the next 12 hours I participated in the cheers, tears, applause and laughter of the LOTR trilogy. Between FOTR and TTT for those who preordered it, there was a special dinner of Rabbit Stew and Lambas bread (it WAS very tasty!). There were film introductions by the Tolkien Society of Hawaii, who issued Kleenex boxes for each row just before the beginning of ROTK and before long they were being passed up and down the aisles as ALL of us needed them! New line was there for us as well. Leaving with my gift of the 3 movie cells seemed a perfectly appropriate parting gift.

It felt so wonderful to be apart of this historic event. There, in the theatre, we were free to experience the trilogy wholly and completely as ourselves. All of us were there – Ring freaks, book geeks, story purists, LOTR movie enthusiasts, old timers, newbies, fans of every age, size, walk of life – to experience together, the complete work of Peter Jackson and final chapter of Frodo s journey. It could not have been a more perfect event.

When I returned home at 3 AM, I got ready for bed, the vivid images still playing in my mind, and as I lay my head on my pillow I thought to myself& I m back !

Ringer Julia, Hawaii

After reading about other’s Triology Tuesday adventures, I just had to write a few words about our wonderful experience at Ward Theatres in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Even long before the movie, the theatre and especially one person from the Concierge Services (thank you so much, Pono!) had gone to great lengths to plan everything and let the fans know about all the details in advance (through a mailing list). Apart from lots of great merchandise offered there was a commemorative t-shirt you could order, and for THE day you could also pre-order a real Hobbit-dinner (“rabbit”-muschroom stew with scones) 🙂

When tuesday finally came, pretty much everybody already knew the procedure. there would be no long lines and waiting outside. Instead, when the doors opened at 8 in the morning people were let inside in order of when they had bought their tickets, first day first. When entering the lobby, everybody was handed an “Air New Zealand” bag with some goodies and a ticket to win a trip to Middle Earth.

Everyboy was then seated top row to bottom in a theatre adjacent to the one that would show the triology. Then, row by row people were led to the “real” theatre and given time to select their seats. Once people selected a seat their name was written on a chart and everybody recieved a cool Triology Tuesday ticket in a little plastic cover (looked like a VIP concert ticket) which also had your seat number and dinner selection on it.

The whole process was very efficient and comfortable… no standing around, no racing for the best seats, no pushing and shoving, and no people taking away rows of empty seats to reserve for others. After a short while everybody had found a seat and we could now come and go as we choose, without ever worrying to loose our seats.

Lots of fans trekked over to nearby restaurants for a second breakfast and hobbits, elfs and wizards were seen wandering all over the mall 🙂 Around noon then, people started returning to the theatre, the merchandaise stand became crowded (with everything at reduced prices for Triology viewers) and TV crews started hunting down people in costume for interviews (hobbits with hairy feet, white wizards, shieldmaidens and even the “royal couple” were amongst those wonderful creations).

Finally, at about 1:45, everybody was back in the theatre and after some opening words from a member of the Tolkien Society Hawaii (thank you Shalane!) it was time for “Fellowship”. What an experience to see the Extended version on the big screen! There were also no commercials or previews shown before any of the three movies, so nothing would distract you from the pure joy of it all. After the forst movie was over everybody who had pre-ordered dinner could head over and pick it up in the lobby. The 30-minute break allowed for plenty of time to eat and stretch your legs before “Towers” started.

With two over, there was one to go and by 10 pm everybody seemed tired (people were sleeping streched out on the seats during the last break) but more than ready for “Return of the King”. Outside, long lines had already fomed for the three midnight showings, but inside, everybody was happy thatwe didn’t have to wait another two hours! The movie itself… what can I say? Apart from it being amazing and emotional it was a wonderful experience to share with all the people in the theatre that night. They were cheers (when Eowyn killed the Witchking and Sam wounded Shelob) and tears (all the way through the long end) and with the other two movies fresh in mind there was a feeling of completeness that was sad and wonderful at the same time.

At the end, picking up the gift from New Line it seemed like a perfect ending to a perfect day. A big Mahalo goes to the staff of Ward Theatres and the Concierge Services for making sure this day would be a a special experience we will always remember.

Ringer Sarkis316, Orange County

The AMC 30 at the block is Orange, CA put on a great show. Everything was extremely well organized and we were well taken care of. There was absolutely zero chaos and for the most part most of the people there weren’t too rowdy during the films.

We got free and heavily discounted food along with a special edition film frame collectible after Return of the King. I don’t want to spoil anything from ROTK but it was a very highly action packed movie with probably more memorable moments in it than either of the first two movies. I don’t think toward the end there was a dry eye in the house. It was tons of fun, AMC did a really good job.