Here’s the summary from Ringer Brian C:

After watching Return of the King (didn’t it rock?!), I came home and watched the preview for it on the theactrical edition of Two Towers. And I found quite a few scenes in the preview that were NOT in the movie. Could these, perhaps, be scenes that will be in the Extended DVD? For your convinience, I have put exactly where they are in the preview. Here they are…

1. Aragorn walking up to an empty throne in Minas Tirith. That must be Anduril in his hand. (1:24)

2. Aragorn saying to Gandalf “He has gone unchallenged long enough.” (1:35)

3. Merry kneeling before Theoden as Edoras. (6:15)

4. Merry taking Pippin’s hand and saying “We shall see the Shire again.” (10:35)

5. Finally, Gandalf and Pippin apoun Shadowfax riding out to meet the fell beast in Minas Tirith. (11:41)

One more thing I’d like to point out. That scene where Arwen returns to Rivindell and says “You have the gift of forsight. Tell me what you have seen” was in the TTT trailer but ended up in ROTK. Hmm..