MrCere here – Just a reminder that today, Monday, is the last day to sign up for the promotion for LP3 – The return of the line. After today’s last-minute sign ups, Royal Selangor will randomly pick the winners of those who have registered HERE.

Here is a reminder in case you have forgotten about the details of this promotion that is available for all Line Party participants world wide., an award winning website with more than 600 pewter gift ideas, offers the Lord of The Rings fans a wonderful opportunity to collect coveted Middle-earth inspired pewter designs. The wide selection consists of beautifully sculpted character goblets, shot glasses, wine glasses and tankards. To add to the excitement this year, there is now a new release of commemorative plates and flutes.

The set of four commemorative plates capture the many classic moments from The Hobbit, The Fellowship of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of The King. They feature scenes such as the Battle of the Five Armies at the Lonely Mountain, the Council of Elrond in Rivendell, the Entmoot in Fangorn Forest and Éowyn’s battle with the Witch King.

The War of The Ring chess set is a true collector’s piece for chess
aficionados and fiction lovers. The good side is sculpted in pewter while the evil side is copper-plated. The good side is led by Strider as the King with Galadriel as his Queen. Naturally, the evil side is led by the dark lord Sauron, accompanied by the Great Spider Shelob as his Queen.

Each piece is intricately sculpted and a game of chess with this set will transport you into the heart of the battlefield between the forces of good and evil in Middle-earth.

To stand a chance to win these sought after designs, simply click here to register. Remember to fill in the LOTR line party that you’re attending at the section – ‘Which LOTR Line Party Are You Attending’ to qualify you as a valid participant. Winners MUST be part of an ACTIVE, particpating line party event.

To check if you’re a winner, attend the LOTR line parties near you. Prizes will automatically go to the next winner if not claimed during the party.

There will also be 100 consolation prizes, which will be given out in select locations on a first-com-first-serve basis during the line party.