We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to everyone who attended the Return of the Ringers Party at the Skyline Restaurant.

The party was a night we will never forget, the atmosphere was electric and everyone was so nice! Many of you would have met our two year old daughter Katie, who was the inspiration of our cause to raise awareness into organ donation. Katie has a liver disease and will one day need a transplant alongside many other people in New Zealand, and indeed around the world. Our message is not New Zealand specific but worldwide.

To see Katie at the party you would not realise there was anything wrong with her, she had the best time ever of her two years. She danced the night away and made sure that others danced with her also! When the band finished after 1am she was asking them to play more. Not bad for a little girl who had been up now for 19 hours!

The generosity of all who helped to raise the $13,107 for the awareness campaign was outstanding. With little overheads and no paid staff this money will go directly into the campaign frontline.

We would also like to thank PJ, Fran and P.A. Jan Blenkin. Throughout their incredibly busy year they still always have made time to help us. As well as brilliant movie makers they are lifesavers, their help in raising the profile of the shortage of donors will already be making an impact, and not just in New Zealand.

A TORN member emailed me and suggested that we add a ‘donate’ button on our website for those who could not attend the party but would like to contribute.
This has now been done. We have also added a small incentive by adding an area where you can send a message to PJ. with the added guarantee that he will actually get the message personally! (though we can’t guarantee that he will reply.)

Wishing you a great Christmas and New Year!

the ‘Tookey’ family
GiveLife NZ
Andy Tookey