The repairs after ‘Sharkey’s men’ go well with thousands of eager Hobbits working hard to clean up their homeland. The four Travellers contribute in different ways; Frodo act as Deputy Mayor, Merry and Pippin chase out the last ruffians, while Sam is busy all over the Four Farthings with the Gift of Galadriel. The following year 1420 is a marvellous year in the Shire. The harvest is bountiful, numerous children are born and there is something else in the air; a glimpse of a beauty beyond Middle-Earth.

For Frodo there is no lasting Peace on this side of the Western Ocean though. In the autumn of 1421 the Ringbearer sail from the Grey Havens with the bearers of the Three. Sam, Merry and Pippin watch the Old world leaving the new, taking their friend with it.

What does this chapter tell us about Hobbits? Why is Frodo not given the same fame as his companions? What does the gift of Galadriel have to do with the year 1420 turning out the way it does? Join us in #thehalloffire as we take a look at the last chapter in The Lord Of The Rings – The Grey Havens.

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