Ringer Reggit writes:

I love the site and wanted to contribute a report about seeing the ROTK preview screening on Fri Dec 5th in Palm Springs, CA (a KCET benefit event). I also have a small concern about the movie that I hope you can forward to the appropriate people involved with the film.

1st my concern about Return of the King: There were quite a few scenes where the characters were speaking in Elvish and there were no english subtitles on display. I’m not talking the obvious lack of subtitles when Aragorn says “Thank You” in elvish. I’m talking about major sequences (ie: multiple sentences) between Aragorn & Elrond, and another scene between Elrond & Arwen.

The Sir Ian McKellen Report: We were treated to a wonderful 60 minute discussion with Sir Ian McKellen, and he was charming! The highlight of the interview came when Ian was asked to perform some Shakespeare “on the spot”…he was very game and did a great job.

The Movie Showing: The highlight of this evening was to see Return of the King with others who love this epic film as much as I do. The audience was so excited, clapping & laughing & crying. It was a wonderful experience. Shelob’s lair is better than the book, in my opinion!