Zach Oat, Editor of ToyFare Magazine writes

ToyFare magazine will be doing a 16-page visual price guide on all of Toy Biz’s Lord of the Rings figures in an upcoming issue, and we were wondering if you would want to report on it on your Website. If so, feel free to use the promotional description, as well as the attached sample page, which shows what the format of the guide will be like. The issue, #78, goes on sale in comic stores on Wednesday, and hits newsstands later on in the month.

TayFare Magazine's LOTR Collection


Intimidated by the sheer number of Lord of the Rings action figures on the market today? Does a trip to the toy store feel more like a trek to Mount Doom? ToyFare has the solution for you.

ToyFare #78, due out this week, features their first-ever complete viaual guide to Lord of the Rings toys. Focusing on the new Toy Biz line, this 16-page visual guide showcases all of the releases, including the mail-away Uruk-Hai, the ultra-rare cloth-capes Fellowship boxed setŠeven the first two waves of figures in 2004!

That’s over 70 photos, with pricing info for each one! We’ll also help you out by identifying any packaging or paint variations that exist, as well as calling out the best versions of each of the main characters! We even spotlight the best toy in the entire line!

You can pick up ToyFare #78 (with either a Batman or Transformers cover) in comic stores on Dec. 10, or on newsstands Dec. 23. To order online, visit