Only a couple of weeks left to wait for ‘The Return of the King’. In #thehalloffire we shall shorten the wait, by having a little chat about ‘The Two Towers – Extended Edition’. Forty minutes have been added to the film; we get to see the entmoot, huorns at Helms Deep and Denethor with his two sons. It’s commonplace to pack new and deleted scenes into DVD offerings these days, but no one does it quite like Peter Jackson.

Does the extra material make ‘The Two Towers’ a better movie? Does it make it a better adaptation of Tolkiens story? Can it do both? Which of the added scenes work best? How does the added material change the movie?

How has Peter Jackson reasoned to make the changes he has made, and do you agree with his reasoning? Join us in #thehalloffire as we take a look at the Extended Edition of Peter Jacksons ‘The Two Towers’.

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