Deirdre J writes: I’m just sending you an announcement of a party for young people, to be held at the North Castle public library in Armonk, New York next Friday afternoon. (December 12th, 4:00 PM) I am appending an attachment of the flier (it’s an MS word file – hope you get it OK!) There’s also info. about the party on the Mount Kisco library web site. From the main site,, click on either teens or kids at the left, then on “programs,” (kids page) or scroll down a little and click on the green dragon (teens page).

In case you don’t get the attachment, here’s the info.

Tolkien celebration at the North Castle Library,
Friday, December 12th, 4 PM.
For Students from 9-14 years old.
Space limited, registration required.
Call (914) 273-3887 or (914) 666-8041 to sign up.