PayPal is essentially a 3rd party who handles online payment transactions within the e-commerce community. The convenience of their service is a great asset to online businesses worldwide.

A user goes to and registers their credit card. A checking account can also be registered to expand services and options. When a user bids an auction or purchases from a website that accepts PayPal, they will simply click the PayPal logo to begin the payment process. The user is then forwarded to the PayPal site and prompted to complete the transaction. After logging in, users will find a very easy to read, simple layout of charges. After confirming the total and the user makes the payment, Paypal automatically transfers the funds from the user’s credit card or checking account to the vendor. There is a very small transaction fee, which varies depending on the amount of the purchase. Where they really shine is in the case of international purchases. The difference, no matter what the currency, is automatically converted and the user is shown that information at the time of payment. Payments received can either be left on account for future use, or for a minimal amount a check can be cut and sent directly to the user.

Upon further exploration of the PayPal site, users will find that all transactions are stored in a very logical and easy to understand format, showing the user which transactions were payments, which were funds received, to whom they were paid, etc… Be sure to read their safety rules and policies. All transactions are covered under their policies to ensure secure trading in the event of possible fraud. Being owned by Ebay, users are ensured a fairly seamless transaction.

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