Kristina: I just wanted to give you guys a little report on what my sister’s and I saw on the red carpet at the DVD Awards last night. Apparantly Billy, Dominic, John Rhyes, and Andy Serkis were supposed to be there but, only Dominic, John, and Andy showed. In any case, we met all three and were able to get our Fellowship Visual Companion autographed (It was already autographed by Viggo, Peter J, Fran Walsh, Philippa, Sean Astin, and Sir Ian McKellen). They were all verious gracious and ever willing to interact with their fans. I even got a kiss from John. He was very sweet.

There is one thing that we witnessed that I just had to let you guys in on: When Dom arrived he was really cool. He signed our Visual Companion and took some pictures with us before we were asked to step aside. We obediently did so and stepped around to the side of the velvet ropes were other Rings fans were standing. At that point we saw Dom talking on his cell beside a doorway (I believe it was a service entryway).

Well, as soon as he was done with his conversation he, he headed towards the red carpet. Then out of no were, a extremely large body guard stepped in front of him and refused to let him pass. We think that the man mistook him for your average joe just trying to get into the theatre and did not know who he was. We all stood back watching silently until we saw the man physically push Dom back towards us.

At that point I think everyone standing there knew what was going on because all of us who were standing there immediately became very angry and started screaming at the body guard. We were yelling things like “Do you know who that is!?” “That is Dominic Monaghan!” along with other phrases that I can not repeat. We all felt bad because we could see that Dom was very embarrased. Also we did not agree with how the man got rough with Dom. Immediately, however, the guy realized his mistake and eased off. We could see the look of foolishness on his face… it was great.

Afterwards Dom came over to us and signed more stuff for the people and stood there for a while with my sister’s and I and conversed with us. We took more pictures with him, thanked him and then watched him take his walk down the red carpet. He was just so cool. They were all very cool. I don’t think anyone loves there fans as much as the cast of the Lord of the Rings. They were the only celebrities that immediately came over to interact with us when they arrived. Thanks Dom, Andy, and John!