Tiriel writes: I just had a mail from my local UCI cinema after I mailed about possible midnight showing, that also goes on to suggest that the classification could still be changed, in UK at least. Entire mail copied below. Have there been any other, similar reports?

We now have tickets on sale from Wed 17th Dec only to Thurs
1st Jan 2004 there is no midnight show after the directors chair on Tuesday 16th Dec. I think there was a problem with the licence.

Details are as follows:

Screen 5 371 seats

Film Times 10.30am, 14.45, 19.00

Screen 6 296 seats

Film Times 11.30am, 15.45, 20.00

The First show on Boxing Day and New Years Day is after 12.00pm

The last show on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve will be 16.45.

There will be 5 screens showing this film but we only have the times for two screens at the moment the others will be advised shortly. The other screens will be screen 4 and screen 8.

At the moment the film is classified as a 12A but we receive confirmation on Thurs as it could change to 15 cert.

Tickets are available from CBO, Internet and our box office but only the times shown above at the moment.