The Maori Hobbit writes: It seems waking up every morning to read the paper keeps on getting better and better.

On the front page, was an article about the arrival of Pippin (Billy Boyd) and Gandalf (Ian McKellen) as well as the Ring bearer (Elijah Wood).

What caught my attention was the small segment in the article about how the King was seen walking into clothing shop Lifestyle Sports, on Willis and Mercer St, on Sunday to buy two shirts. It also stated that the female shop assistant was so excited (who could blame her) that she retold the experience to her next customers, who rushed out of the store hoping to catch the King and take an autograph. (again, who could blame them?)

Another thing I thought you would be interested in is that the lovely Tyler sisters have arrived in Wellington, with Liv looking as elven as ever. She stated to One News that she wished all the world premieres were placed here, or that one major one was here for all three so that they didn’t have to fly around so far.