Leggylass writes: I just returned from Viggo’s Benefit Opening of his Photographic Exhibition at Massey University here in Wellington.

After some delay, the ceremony began with a Maori welcome. Speeches from the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Peter Jackson and Viggo were intermingled with some lovely singing. Not to mention Viggo had a bit of a sing himself!

The exhibition itself fills two large rooms in the gallery and there is an extensive array of Viggo’s pictures on display. I was taken by his use of colour in many of them.

Also there was a raffle held for six of Viggo’s works. A friend of mine managed to win one and we pick it up on Monday!

Personally I had a very enjoyable time. Viggo certainly appears to have embraced New Zealand and he, of course, is embraced in return. My evening was enhanced by the fact that I got to meet Sean Astin, Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood. They were all so charming and generous with their time – I just wish that my brain hadn’t decided to get out of my head at those exact moments, rendering me conversationally simple. Still, the squeeze on my arm from Elijah is etched into my brain forever 🙂

Anyone who is coming to Wellington should certainly head up to Massey (the Museum Building) and take a look at his work.