Orlando Bloom's Embassy Seat

Leggylass writes: To possibly add to Irascian’s great article about the opening of the Embassy – we just returned from the Seat Donor’s Opening.

It was a pretty miserable old Wellington night outside but once we stepped inside the Embassy that was all forgotten.

We were treated to PJ’s ‘The Frighteners’ and the sound was incredible!! I jumped many times even though I’ve seen the film before.

I agree that the seats are extremely comfortable (even though they sadly misspelled my surname on my name plaque) and the theatre is just beautiful. Certainly a fitting venue for the World Premiere in 5 days!

I’ve included another version of a name plate – this one is my particular favourite – and I took a sneaky opportunity to sit in this seat. It certainly looked funny to see everyone walking around the theatre like chickens pecking up corn as they read all the names on the seats.