This week we have two great releases for The Return of the King, plus this month’s issue of White Dwarf magazine!

Games Workshop America New Releases

MOUNTED THEODEN $9.00 ($13.00 CAN)
Monarch of the land of Rohan, King Théoden is a courageous leader and soldier. By way of the slithering machinations of his servant Gr’ma Wormtongue, the fallen wizard Saruman was able to subvert and poison Théoden’s mind, for a time plunging Rohan into darkness and despair. Through the intervention of Gandalf the White, Théoden was exorcised of Saruman’s influence. Restored to health and soundness of spirit, the King banished Wormtongue from his hall and once again leads his people with wisdom and bravery.

After the Battle of Helm’s Deep, King Théoden chooses to honor the old allegiances and ride to the aid of Gondor. Upon his great war-horse, he leads the charge of the Rohirrim against the innumerable hordes of the enemy that assail the White City, for the hope of all Men and free peoples now lay in the defense of Minas Tirith. Against the thralls of Mordor they must prevail, lest all Middle-earth fall into darkness. Théoden resolves to lead his Men to this great doom, knowing that in all likelihood they ride to their death.

This blister pack comes complete with King Théoden riding a barded warhorse.

Games Workshop America New Releases

This set contains two of the building ruins seen in the previous game sets, plus one of the new terrain sprues featured in the new game box. Evoking the strong imagery of the motion pictures, where the fallen statues and building columns of forgotten ages abound as the characters move through the lands, these plastic sets reinforce the fact that these games are set in in Middle-earth and nowhere else. The set even comes with a life-size plastic Ring, ideal for tracking which player has Priority that turn!

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