Compiled by Hobbitangel

Okay, there are mini-interviews with Andy Serkis and Billy Boyd beforehand but as it was during classes for me, I missed Andy’s talk and only caught the very tail end of Billy’s. He was saying something about how Elijah was walking around the studio with beer in one hand and something in the other……..whatever it was, I unfortunately didn’t catch it all. However, I didn’t miss Elijah’s interview, but it just so happens that I don’t carry tape-recorders in my pockets, so here it is in pointish form;

Elijah loves being on the radio.

How does he feel knowing that (through Frodo), he’s been made a part of history? He claims that it’s not history….. yet! Naturally, it’s been an amazing experience…

Typical of these kinds of rocker radio stations, next they star talking about Paris Hilton movies. (translation=porn) Elijah says he doesn’t own one but he does have a clip of one on his computer. Apparently everyone involved in this radio broadcast thinks that they’re hilarious. Then they start talking about her interest in the camera and a scene where she picks up a phone without knowing that the camera is watching her……something like that!

So does he consider himself lucky? (All the old stuff here.) “ I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate and that I could meet amazing people that have become very good friends. Having life experiences, spending 16 months in New Zealand, living there, and then going back every year was amazing!” (along those lines)

Does Viggo stink? Elijah defends him by saying no, but that he is kind of like a hippie.

And the rumours that he never bathes? Ridiculous of course, but he doesn’t wash his hair as much as most people.

They talk momentarily about his role in Back to the Future 2.

Then they mention upcoming roles such as Hooligans in London and Happy Feet.

He says that the recording for Happy Feet is done and right now they’re working on the animation. We can expect it sometime in 2005. (I know you know)

Next, the Osbornes. Does he regret being on their show? “No!” Than he talks about how the whole family is amazing and how Ozzy’s a great loving guy and how he was really nervous to meet him because he’s a huge Sabbath fan.

Does he know Michael Jackson? “No…….” And will he ever get facial plastic surgery like him? “God, no!”

Does he think he’ll ever get Punk’d? “Probably not because I don’t know Ashton, and I don’t really have anything to do with his crowd.” He says he’s thankful he doesn’t know him, and while the radio hosts laugh, he explains; “…only so he won’t get Punk’d!”

Now that we’re on topic about Ashton, what about Dude where’s my car? They don’t really give it the best review though Elijah didn’t even see it. Kind of a contradiction to what he said last night (At MOD) about what he thinks of it though. They talk about the future sequel; Seriously dude, where’s my car? for a bit as well.

Next topic; movies. Has he ever seen the Original Slap Shot 3? And…..he hasn’t! So then the radio people start jeering at him and telling him to get of Canada…(What are they DOING?) But when they asked him if he had seen Scarface and the Godfather Trilogy and he replied “Yes sir!”, they relented and said, “You’re alright man!”

Is he a hockey fan? Yes he is, but he doesn’t really get to follow sports that much.

After Elijah profusely thanks the radio crew, says, “Have a great morning!” then leaves, they call him “the nicest hobbit ever” because apparently no one ever thanks them for being on their show!