Spy KFitz writes: I just saw Dominic Monaghan shooting a movie on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, just a stone’s throw away from Gracie Mansion (the mayor’s residence). He is now (Saturday afternoon, 11/22) at E. 86th Street and the East River, at Carl Schurz Park, filming a drama called “Shooting Livien” with Jason Behr (‘Roswell’). Dom had on a rumpled green jacket, dark trousers. His hair is much longer than in LOTR. He has almost a beard. I asked what they are shooting, and a person with a walkie talkie said the name of the movie and that it also has Sarah Wynter (’24’) and Joshua Leonard (‘The Blair Witch Project’). They just started shooting this week, so you can look for them around town. They are shooting in New York until next month, I was told.