Corsair writes: As I know TORN is renowned for the accuracy of its reporting, you may be interested in knowing that the TentMoot people are incorrectly listing Bruce Hopkins as a confirmed celebrity at their event, when he in fact will be attending elsewhere. Another group has a written contract with him at an event on another coast entirely… and the actor has since informed organizers that he is definitely NOT attending TentMoot, and has told the TentMoot people so some time ago.

But.. in point of fact… in that link that TORN posted today, not only is Mr. Hopkins listed as coming… he is still listed as being available for financial sponsorship by fans.

Don’t know about you… but as for me… this now puts the credibility of the rest of the “confirmed” guests somewhat in question.

You may want to check this out… or get someone else to do so. It would be a shame if Ringers were misled by incorrect information.